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    Founder DopeGrip longboard griptape DopeGrip PRO

    We (Matt 👨🏽‍🦱 left & Tobi 👨🏼 right) are two German skaters who love to have a great time with our friends in the global rolling community, be it longboarders, e-skaters, OneWheelers, EUC riders, e-scooters, or anything else as long as it comes with some wheels. We‘re all one big family and we’re proud to be part of it! We have traveled to many countries over the years and we love how welcoming everyone in our community is. This allowed us to make tons of great new friends all around the globe. Should you travel to Germany, let us know and we'll hit the road with you!

    I (Matt @voltagefrog) am a World Cup finalist in electric skateboard racing and I was the first to develop a cushioned grip tape. I noticed that the connection between rider and deck is of utmost importance. After all, this is the only connection that allows us to control our boards, isn't it?! It’s quite simple, if you’re not well connected to your board, you’re having a much harder time controlling it and feeling the unlimited freedom skating can provide. After creating a couple of prototypes in my basement I was ready to take them to the test in a couple of races – it was amazing. When my racing buddies bagged me to try the grip tape (my new secret weapon ^^), they returned from the track with a grin on their faces and asked me to make one for them, too . . . And so I did. Today this grip tape is known as DopeGrip. Since I built the first prototype, DopeGrip has come a long way. I brought my best friend and German engineer Tobi on board to help me develop the product further and it’s been a blast to work together for the first time in our lives.

    Today, we’re using custom-crafted materials, which are refined based on data from thousands of test ride miles by various World Cup Rides. The data helped determine the compound’s exact composition and physical properties: the waxy density compound and the combination of fluid yet snappy rebound gives DopeGrip its signature ride feel that everyone seems to love.

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    World Cup 2018 San Diego

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